Mythicist Views of the Founding Fathers, Enlightenment Philosophers & Rulers of Europe

The Deist views and Secret Society occultism of the more renowned Founding Fathers is well recorded. Yet new scholarship reveals that several of the primary Founding Fathers leaned heavily towards Mythicism--the notion that Jesus Christ was but the latest Savior God of a long tradition of rising/dying deities reworked by Mystery Religions since the dawn of time. Beyond the Founding Fathers, evidence indicates that during revolutionary times Mythicism was embraced by many august Enlightenment philosophers, liberal clergy, visionary scientists, and even some of the most powerful rulers of Europe! Delving deep into overlooked personal letters, historical data, public proclamations, and recorded interactions, we discover that, as America was given birth and Europe struggled to subdue Orthodox Christianity, a Mysthicist brotherhood thrived whose ideas would influence egalitarian and democratic principles that would shape modern society.

Astral Guest-- Acharya S./D.M. Murdock, author of Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, Suns of God & The Christ Conspiracy.

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