Practical Gnostic Prayers & Magical Rituals 10/26/2013

A new Gnostic prayer and ritual manual, decades in the making, draws directly from the Classic Gnostics like the Sethians and Valentinians. The book places each practice in a topical manner that is both universal and appropriate to contemporary society. Its prayers range from thanksgiving orations to healing benedictions (regardless of how literal or psychological you may take them). Its rituals include the consecration of new homes, baptism and funerary situations, and even the crafting of Christian magical instruments (regardless of how literal or psychological you may take them). It even offers a plausible reconstruction of the arduous yet puissant Mysteries of the Assent and the Sethian Five Seals ceremonies that can take an individual up the Archonic heavens and into the Mind of the Unknown Father and Mother. This Gnostic prayer and ritual manual also expands to ancient Christian, Jewish and Pagan traditions to mortar the sadly abundance of gaps in the Nag Hammadi library and apocrypha (as well as the revelations of the author). Beyond the book, we understand the unique views of the Gnostics and other alternative Christians when it came to prayer and sacrament. 

Astral guest-- Jeremy Puma, author of A Gnostic Prayerbook: Rites, Rituals, Prayers and DevotionsThis Way: Making Sense of Gnosis in a Nonsensical RealityMysteries of the Gnostic Ascent, and The Face of the Sky and Earth


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