Month: February 2017

Most of the favourite TV shows attracts very many people, and they are widely outspoken even in the social media. A lot of effort is used in making or producing the favourite series. Hollywood is one of the leading producers of TV series and movies. This company has employed over 2800 professionals. These professionals include the actors, directors, producers and others. When you ask people on what their favourite series are, you will get very many answers and surprising reasons. There are different which have ranked the best TV shows that have ever existed. This article is going to highlight on some of the favourite series since historical times.

The Simpsons

This is one of the great TV series which is liked by many peoples. Many people have been debating and laughing about this series. In fact, it was still being discussed by people even after the golden show ended. The Simpsons are currently working on the Season 27, and it will be on the air very soon. There have been 570 episodes of Simpsons which have been produced to date.


This series was very famous in the 1990s. NBC station broadcasted this comedy. It was a comedy which was able to combine both seriousness and silliness at times. Additionally, the characters who were involved gave the audience some people to relate to in their lives. The Friends is considered to be one of the favourite TV shows ever produced by Hollywood.

Breaking Bad

It can be difficult to fully account for the so many things which were done successfully in The Breaking BadBreaking Bad. The author of this series was Vince Gilligan. One of the most memorable moments in this series was the dramatic turn of events. For instance, there was Bryan Cranston who turned to a dramatic antihero from a sitcom star. It is a series which had a lot of humor in it. There is no doubt that this series will remain relevant and the best series for many decades to come.

The X-Files

This series had nine seasons. This series was very successful since it incorporated most of the important aspects which make a show interesting. It was based on an overarching storyline which engaged most of its central characters. What was unique with X-Files is that it assumed likes the alien conspiracies. Besides, it was a series which featured some memorable characters who added both mystery and fun.

These movies are known for being scary. They are movies which revolve around the predatory sharks, serial killers and Puritan witches. They are very shocking movies.  This article is going to compile a list of the top rated and famous horror movies.

‘The Witch’

The main characters herThe Witche are the forest predator, a shape-shifter and a baby-killer.  The predator is associated with the devil. This is considered to a satanic hag. The monster in this movie developed her claws in the 17 th century when the New England Family was excommunicated by their religious leader who was considered to be righteous.  This movie is more of a cathartic comeuppance for the old-world bible-thumpers.

Furthermore, this movie is also seen as vicious assault which is targeted on individuals who are doing their best to love and live in the unforgiving World. Later in the movie, Jamie-lee Curtis is joined by Star Anya Taylor-Joy who was dammed for crimes which she did not commit on her family members. You will see her being given a choice of spilling more blood thus contributing to the nation’s old legacy, weird American nightmares. It is such an awful horror!

“Don’t Breathe”

This is a horror movie which revolves round a psychopathic murdered who is locked in a house. The main character in this movie is Fede Alvarez. This is a person who uses each and every aspect of his ability and talent to terrorize people especially at night or in the dark with his mind-boggling ability and efficiency.  You will see him placing some threats wisely in plain sight. You will simply see him terrifying his audience with a tense anticipation.

‘The eyes of my mother’

This movie is edited by Nicholas Pesce.  In this movie, you will find an impressionable girl The Witchturning into a serial killer though some strange mixture of nurture and nature. Another character in this movie is Franscisca who is lonely woman relatively young in terms of age. You will see her living in house which is secluded where she is searching for playmates. She initially gets in love with the man who killed her mother.

The young woman is also tortured by this man after some time. The movie is divided into three sections which are filed in luscious white and black. I all the three sections, you will find very horror incidences such those of the people’s eyes being pulled out. The murder executed in this movie depicts the everyday evils and killings which are committed in some of the quiet communities.