Favourite Internet Radio Shows

There are many types of radio shows which are aired throughout the world. In the modern era, radio shows have become more reliable and important than in the past. This is an era where music has been transformed from the non-traditional channels. The following are some of the great internet radio shows

Chloe Frieda with Alien Jams

Chloe Frieda is known for hosting his regular show known as Alien Jams on NTS. He has been hosting his program since 2011. You can view this program on every Sunday from 5 pm GMT. This show has featured some of the popular guess and artists such as Shelley Parker and DMZ Krew. The NTS station which airs this program is known for its outstanding and diverse output. This show is further enhanced by the fantastic music which attracts many people.

Howard Stern show

This is one of the best radio shows which have ever been produced. In fact, it is being copied by other shows. It is a show which offers real entertainment. It is different from the “Manufactured reality” programs or shows since it shares his weakness and deepest secrets with the audience. This show is also able to entertain the audience with its highest level or degree of honesty which is displayed.

BBC AZN NetworkBBC AZN Network

This is a radar radio. BBC AZN Network is an improved version of the ancient BBC’s Asian network. This is a playful and a fun show although some people underscore it due to some serious implications. Sweden Jupiter and Manara co-host this show. It is a show which is very unpredictable. It is known for moving sideways through R&B, Hip-hop and beyond.

Frosty with Celsius drop

This is one of the greatest radio shows. It has been on the air since 1999. Frosty hosts Celsius drop in the Dunlap radio station. This station is based in Los Angeles. The founder of this show has been in the fore front championing for its future Roots which is known as the echo. This show is made more classical by its regular specials, themes, and guests.

Palms Trax with cooking

This is aired on a Community radio based in Berlin. Plenty of gems are found in this radio station. These include the likes of Heatsick popping and Laurel Halo. This show has been a solid show case involving the artist Theremin. One week you might be taken through some hardware jams and in another week though disco, afro records, and soul, all of which are from the collection of his records.