The Fitness Secrets of Sexy Celebrities

Many celebrities come into the hall of fame because they have made an exceptional achievement in either movies or music. But some gain popularity because they have extraordinary physical assets. Kim Kardashian is the best example in this case.

You may argue that achieving a physical fitness is a success on its own. To some degree, it may be right. But with the existence of cosmetic surgery, sexiness seems like a marketing commodity that can be granted to anyone with money. However, that is not the topic of today’s writing. We value hard work and determination more than just sensation. We will discuss celebs who stay sexy with physical regimens that anyone can do.

Chris Hemsworth

thor's well built bodyYou probably know him for playing Thor in the Marvel Universe of Superheroes. He managed to appear shredded and lean just for the movie. And you may also notice that the keyword, “Thor workout,” has been popping up in Google’s search suggestion whenever you type Chris Hemsworth.

However, if you have ever thought that Chris was using some sorts of Asgardian supplements to achieve his shape, you were wrong. As reported from Muscle and Fitness, Chris never got himself near to steroids. His muscles were purely a result of red meat, protein powder, and intense weight training.

Thor’s regimen consists of five days of workout. In day one, pull-ups, push-ups, hammer strength two arm row, dumbbell row, and swiss ball hyperextension fill the exercise menu. In day two, the focus muscles are still on the torso. And the training regimen consists of barbell bench press, warrior-fit incline dumbbell bench press, hammer strength chest press, weighted dip, and cable flye. In day three, the training focuses on the leg muscles. In day four, the workout target is on the shoulders muscles. And in the last day, it will be wight training on the arms.

Salma Hayek

salma hayek still sexy in her golden ageFor this celebrity, you might be surprised at what you are about to read. Salma claimed that the key for her to staying in shape is to treat everyday chores as exercise. She claims to be a person who likes being active at home. For instance, she prefers to go to places by walking than riding a vehicle.

But of course, besides the daily routines, intense workouts are also needed. Sara Shears was once Salma’s trainer, and she leaked the secret of Salma’s curve to the public. She said that Salma’s regimen was an intense 30 minutes of total body workouts, from the torso, core muscles, to the legs. The short duration allows Salma to do the exercise six to seven times a week!

Christian Bale

christian bale as batmanChristian Bale played Christoper Nolan’s Batman without flaw. He gave the fans a version of Batman with which other versions of the franchise cannot compete. And to achieve the superhuman look, Bale has been reported to practice intermittent fasting.

We will focus on Bale’s diet because his training regimen is similar to Chris’. Besides, contrary to what many fitness magazines have told us, starving ourselves may give good impacts to our health.

In fact, intermittent fasting allows our immune system to regenerate its cells. As it has turned out, we also now know that overeating does kill us. Based on the scientific theory of evolution, humans have evolved to adapt to harvest and famine seasons. Conditioning our diet to that ancient habit is beneficial to our health.

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